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Some look at the digital marketing activity as liability but some wise men and women know what’s it worth of.

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We have interacted with hundreds of prospective customers who look at everything as expense instead of investment. When we meet those who understands the game of investing in their own business growth, we start talking with them.

We have nothing against digital marketing agencies that does a shoddy job because sooner or later they will realize it. To be the best digital marketing agency, one must get dirty ! By that we mean doing extensive research before recommending solutions and strategies.

Budgeting is very important for a business and it is from here they control growth and navigate through times that are challenging. We appreciate that business owners are keen on having the control of how their money is being used in their business growth. What we don’t find progressive is the instant gratification they attach with their technology investments.

There are many instances where we hear it from our clients – If I spend X amount how much will I get in return in terms of traffic, social media engagement or leads etc. Of course all predictions and projections are available with tools, but it is not as simple as 1+1. What we must understand is the multilayered nature of how the digital world works. As we read some where, it says – “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” The same is true with all the social media platforms. So let us quote here

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin

Having said this, let us tell you that your stories engage people with your brand. Your audience would love to know your stories and how you tell them will get them glued to your brand. This requires time, expertise, research, implementing right strategy and a lot more. But since business owners sometimes make a mistake of only looking for instant rewards choose the wrong agency that promise them what they want. This is the first and a very costly mistake.

Invest money on your earning member
So the bottom line is –

those who play major contribution to the growth of a family are the ones that bring in money to the family. Second to that are the ones that manage how to use that money. Digital Marketing is that member of your business that can bring in lot of opportunities that can turn into great revenue opportunity for your organization. Our advice is to invest in your earning member.

Earning member needs to be upgraded, needs to work with planning and strategy, needs to be given freedom to make some strategical assumptions and implement it. Have a vision of 1 year at the least for it to bring in lot of insightful analytics as well as new business, new customers and brand recognition. During this span on 1 year you will know how to take the journey forward. Let your web and digital marketing investments be your new full time 24/7 employee.

We are always open to a conversation. It is easy to reach out to us. Whether then we do business together or not can only be a secondary situation.

Contributed by
Bhoumik Bhatt
CEO & Founder
Real Time Solutions

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