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Only Experts know how things work. Generally when a website is designed and hosted, the first and sometimes the only expectation it is suppose to fulfill is – Generate Leads. Pressuring a website devleloper to get you the leads won’t help as he won’t be able to do it.

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Website development is no more a luxury now. And it is no more a secret too that business owners get their website done to make sure that they are found by their customers. When the website is designed it won’t reach to the target audience without extra effort. What is more important to note is, not just you but your competitors too are going to have their website. The audiences most of the times overlap between competitors. As you compete for attention, who wins is decided by how well is your website equipped to be found by search engines and once found how does it hold the audience attention.

Those who know your business will always be less in numbers than those who do not know your business. People trust search engines big time when it comes to searching for things they are looking for.  There are numerous algorithms at work when search engines fetch your site and if they find it, it will prioritize your placement based on the factors taken care on your website.

So if you pressurize your web developer for getting you inquiries and if you tell them next time that – We have a website but there are no inquires, then may be they won’t tell you this. But let us assist you on this.

So if you are hoping to be found and expecting inquiries once you host your website then take your website development activity seriously. You need to have a professional team that does your website development + SEO. If you are serious about getting inquiries and your business has the potential to grow and scale up then don’t depend only on a website developer.

Today It’s Not About ‘Get the Traffic’ — It’s About ‘Get the Targeted and Relevant Traffic.

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There are many factors that play a very crucial role in the SEO process. It starts with optimizing your website to be found by search engine. Once the website is thoroughly audited it will be a task of SEO expert and web developer who will work hand in glove and implement all necessary and suitable strategies and technicalities.

While the website is being audited an extensive competition research is taken up along with content strategy to be built around your organization’s goal.

Some of the SEO activities which are mandatory.

This graphic explains in brief some of the factors we undertake when doing your SEO.

Also it is important to note here that SEO is not a one time job. It is a recurring activity for host of reasons. Some of the reasons we would like to share for you are,

  • Your Competitors continuously perform SEO. There are hundreds and thousands of website that cater to your target customers and some of them are your immediate competitors that impact your customer’s decision making.
  • Search Engines continuously change algorithms. There are thousands of websites competing for same type of keywords to attract a certain type of target audience and website owners want to have advantage over their competitors, they sometimes end up using techniques which are deceptive and bad SEO practices. To avoid such bad practices search engines update their algorithms to only accept better practices to be prevalent.
  • Continuous SEO Maintains your Page Rankings. The ever competitive world of Searches will always have websites competing for eyeballs. Everything depends on how you implement your SEO continuously. Those who do not have a recurring SEO activity are prone to drop in their search rankings over a period of time.
  • And many more.

You can get in touch with us to know your chances of better listings.

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